Mounting Instructions

Mounting your UNILED mirror to your wall is a straightforward process. Below we have detailed what you need to know in order to hang your mirror correctly using the UniLED mounting bracket.

Please note that a registered electrician must connect the mirror to the 240Vac power feed.

All UNILED Mirrors and Cabinets are NZ Electrically Safe certified and we provide a Supplier Declaration of Conformity Document which is required by your electrician to legally install your mirror. Beware of suppliers who cannot offer this document!

The hanging bracket is 30mm in height and has screw holes approximately every 75mm apart. The bracket should be mounted 20mm below the desired height of the mirror for square and rectangle models, and 100mm below the desired height for 900mm round models and 80mm below the desired height for 700mm round models. Please ensure you have sufficient nogging in this area to screw the bracket to the wall securely. The mirror now just hooks over the bracket and clips and hangs securely on the bracket against the wall.

The round mirrors have an adhesive Velcro at the back side to secure the mirror. Wipe the wall or tiles behind the mirror thoroughly, remove the tape from the Velcro and press the bottom of the mirror firmly towards the wall.

The mirror comes as a sealed unit with a power cable protruding 200mm from the bottom of the mirror in the centre back of the mirror, so all you require is a 240Vac power feed in the wall, 200mm up from the bottom of the mirror and in the centre where the mirror will hang. Make sure you have a round hole of 30-40mm in diameter where the power feed will sit in the wall. You will then hardwire connect your feed to our cable and tuck the excess cable back into the wall behind the mirror.

Should you require any further assistance, please email or call 0212716616

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