LED Mirrors

All our LED mirrors are manufactured at our facility in East Tamaki, Auckland. We offer a complete solution for all our products, including custom artwork designs and any sizes up to 2 meters.

We offer standard sizes of 500mm x 700mm and 700mm x 900mm. We have 8 standard styles available.

Our cabinets are available in 2 sizes: 800x600x200mm (Recessed into wall) and 700x500x120mm (Hang on wall)

















Understanding mirror model numbers

Example: ULM003-P-79-A-TB-B20
Description: Tekapo, Portrait, 700x900mm, Amber, Top and Bottom, 20mm Bevel.


Model Number Structure: ULMXXX-K-YY-ZZ-JJ-BM

ULMXXX – Models:
ULM001 = Aviemore
ULM002 = Manapouri
ULM003 = Tekapo
ULM004 = Te Anau
ULM005 = Matheson
ULM006 = Benmore
ULM007 = Tarawera
ULM008 = Dunston

K – Orientation
P = Portrait
L = Landscape

YY – Sizing:
57 = 500x700mm
79 = 700x900mm

ZZ – Wall Washing Light Colour:
CW = Cool White
WW = Warm White
NW = Natural White
B = Blue
R = Red
G = Green

JJ – Wall Washing Position:
T = Top Only
B = Bottom Only
SS = Sides Only
TB = Top & Bottom
AS = All Sides

BM – Bevel Size:
B10 = 10mm Bevel
B20 = 20mm Bevel
B30 = 30mm Bevel

At UniLED, we designed our mirrors to produce an accurate representation of colours by using an industry leading CRI of over 95. This coupled with our 4500K colour temperature of LED, ensures the absolute best and most accurate colour you will find on the market.

We offer Custom designed mirrors to any size, and we also have the ability to produce any style of “light portal” design on the mirror. This is a unique offering in the market as we produce all our mirrors locally in New Zealand and can custom design to your liking and requirement! Because we do not import our mirrors, we can offer you the luxury of ordering just one unique mirror which we will customise to your unique requirement.

Contact us on 0800 560 804 or email us at info@uniled.co.nz for more information about custom designed mirrors and sizes, or to enquire about our standard range.


Research and Development

After evaluating a number of LED mirrors from overseas manufacturers, we soon realised that there was a serious lack of quality components being used in these products, and the workmanship was very average.

We believed that we could produce a far superior product specific for New Zealand conditions, and manufactured locally! This would also allow us to offer custom sizes and designs to our customers.

Our engineers got together and drawings and discussions were soon happening on a daily basis. Our aim was to use as much local content and New Zealand based suppliers as possible. All the required samples were ordered for evaluation and testing, and prototypes were produced with amazing results.
We achieved our goal after 7 months of many late nights!



Management and our design team agreed to focus on quality rather than price in our design, and we also agreed to incorporate technology that was not available in any other LED mirror manufacturer’s products.

Local Electrical Safety Certification to AS/NZS60598 standard was also non negotiable!

The 4 most important considerations were:

1. Ultra-high CRI
Our Mirrors use LED chipsets with 95CRI – Daylight being 100, UniLED LED’s represent the closest “natural colour” look you will find on the market today!

Not all light is created equal. One may assume just because the colour temperature, wattage, and size are the same between two different LED’s they are equal, right? Not necessarily true. Let’s discuss light quality.

The Colour Rendering Index (CRI), also known by some as colour accuracy, is a term of measurement of how natural the light given off by a source looks in comparison to the sun. Have you ever purchased a red towel or dress in the store and when you try it on at home or wear it outside in the sun it looks different? This is because the CRI is different between the two light sources. High CRI LEDs will show an objects true pure and vibrant colour.

The highest CRI is 100 (like the sun). Most LED strip lights have a very low CRI (60 – 70). Our UniLED ULTRA-HIGH CRI LED strip lights have a minimum of 95 CRI

Here is a visual representation of the difference between low and high CRI

UniLED Mirrors uses LED’s with 95CRI making our mirrors represent the most “natural colours” possible!

2. Copper and Lead-Free Mirror
Unlike most imported mirrors, our mirror contains less than 0.1% of copper and lead helping with our mission of using more sustainable and environmentally friendly products wherever possible. This also drastically reduces the potential for premature “rust”. Our mirrors are also very durable and less prone to scratching unlike other inferior imported products that are being used in low cost solutions.

3. 4500K CCT – Natural White
All our mirrors use 4500K colour temperature LED chipsets which is classed as a “natural white” colour in lighting terms.

2700-3500K is warm white (yellow). 4000-5000K is natural white (not too yellow and not too white). 6000-6500K is cool white (white to blue-white). This, coupled with our 95 CRI will ensure the colour representation of the customers complexion or clothing will be the closest possible to the actual colours and won’t be influenced by the “tinting” which inferior LED can cause.

4. Managing the heat and moisture
The facts are that electronic components don’t like heat, and an increase in temperature exponentially reduces the life of electronic components. This is no different for LED’s. With this in mind, our engineers decided to include aluminium channel to which the LED strip is attached. Aluminium being an excellent heat dissipating material has allowed our LED’s to run cool, increasing its life. This has given us confidence in the longevity of our mirrors and allowed us to offer a warranty of 2 years on our standard product range.

Our defogger pad is IP57 rated, and can be added to any of our standard or custom mirrors. This feature is great for those moisture filled bathrooms.

We decided to speck a minimum of IP44 for our enclosure which houses the electronic components. This would give us the peace of mind that moisture would not be an issue in any of our Bathroom Mirrors. We had to be certain that our product would last for a very long time and that our customers would see value in our design considerations and be happy to pay the small premium it commanded.


All our mirrors are manufactured at our factory in East Tamaki. We offer a complete turnkey solution for all our products, including custom artwork designs and sizes up to 2 meters. We offer 8 standard sizes of 500X700mm and 700X900mm.

We can etch any design into our mirrors as long as we have an eps or ai file. This gives us a huge advantage over the standard basic products that are currently imported into New Zealand.

UniLED has invested heavily in equipment to offer local manufacture and we believe that by being flexible with size and design, we’ll have an advantage over our competition. We always knew that we would not be able to compete with overseas imports, but we’re not far off the mark and our products and processes are far superior.

Our manufacturing process is continually evolving with new methods and ideas, and this is allowing us to become more competitive as we grow.
We have over 60% capacity available at present and hope our customers will support us to reach our target of filling this by Q3 2016. We are proud of the fact that we can boast a New Zealand Manufactured product of this standard and quality at a competitive price!


Our Customers

Our passion is to work closely with Architects and Designers so that our products can always portray fresh ideas and creations. We believe…..if you can think it….we can do it!

We offer a standard range of designs and sizes for the Bathroom Retailers and Wholesalers, and custom designs for special projects.

Our mirrors are mostly used in the following industries…

• Bathroom Retailers and Wholesalers
• Wardrobe Manufacturers
• Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers
• Hotels and Motels
• Interior Designers
• Architects