Hayes Cabinets

The design of the Hayes double door cabinet consists of two solid LED portals around the border of the left and right cabinet doors. Like all UNILED cabinets the Hayes features internal LED Lighting and a built-in demister.


UNILED Cabinets come with a 2 year warranty on workmanship and components. In the unlikely event that your mirror or cabinet develops a fault we will repair or provide a replacement. Unlike cheap imported cabinets all of UNILED's products are manufactured to a high quality and built to last. Our stringent quality control measures ensure that you'll be able to enjoy your mirror for years to come.


Nordic Pine


Smokey Oak


Hickory Walnut


Black Forest Oak

Seasoned Oak New

Seasoned Oak

Salvaged Plank New

Salvaged Plank

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Dimensions Guide
Single door - Max width of 600mm.
Double Door - Max width of 1200mm.
Triple Door - Max width of 1800mm.
Minimum width of any door is 500mm. Any sizes within these parameters are possible.
Interior Cabinet depth - Min depth 120mm max depth 200mm.
Allow for an additional 25mm in depth to account for the door/mirror thickness.
Allow for an extra 20mm in height to ensure the door is easy to open and close.

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