LED Mirror Bathroom Cabinets

UniLED’s new LED Mirror Bathroom Cabinets are also now available with built-in defoggers and in 2 sizes and 2 designs.

500×680(Door is 700 long)x125(including door and mirror)

600×780(Door is 800 long)x205(including the door and mirror)

This Cabinet is designed to recess into the wall so you can store larger products without the intrusion into the bathroom space above the basin, and that you don’t require an under basin vanity. This is especially appealing to our senior citizens in Retirement villages where they don’t need to bend down to access their toiletries in an “under the basin” vanity .

This product range is also  great for apartments where space is at a premium!

Please contact us on info@uniled.co.nz or on our contact page for further information.